Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Youlu Address Book 1.2.3

Advanced Address Book
- Options to create and edit contacts, contact groups
- Work with messages in the form of dialogues (SMS-chat)
- Quick search of contacts by number.
- Solo Magazine calls and messages for each contact
- Record conversations feature
- Hot keys support
- Vibration signal on different options
- Quick access to your address book from the standby mode
- Creating a backup
- Synchronize contacts and calendar online to
- Selection term synchronization
- Auto update
Download From Here


  1. Great application better than the previous version! hope to received more new application. Good job!!

  2. hello friend, do you not get the updated version of X-Plore for Vivaz? The versions I have managed to hack the Vivaz. :( Thanks.

  3. good job admin thanks for help us <3<3<3

  4. Are we finally able to use the fullscreen qwerty with this version?

  5. which is the latest filmware for vivaz pro?
    Any updates?
    Thank you...
    your work is outstanding,
    Love ur blog...

  6. why cant i import my sim contacts?when i try, it throws me oit of the app! pls help....write me an email - !!!!why cant i import my sim contacts?when i try, it throws me oit of the app! pls help....write me an email - !!!!

  7. Do this app also need certificate and keys???????????????????

  8. hey,
    Any one plz tell me any best earphone for vivaz pro...
    This site is helpfull for x-se fans.

  9. hey vivaz users,try qt demos its music player sounds great and added,with kokoroo mod its sounds like k750i.great...

  10. what is the class of the sdcard that come with the phone?

  11. Hi all:

    Does anyone know if OVI MAPs 3.0 can still be installed on the VIVAZ PRO
    since I saw that the it requires to be signed as per the MAY 2010 blog
    on OVI MAP software install ..

    It says that still need certificate and key from OPDA which seems out of business - no more certificates given...

    Any help ideas/pointers how to get OVI MAPs 3.0 on VIVAZ PRO is appreciated.

  12. Wow Excellent posting man really good article you posted Thanks for update.