Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

BBC Iplayer

Get bbc news on your phone,watch news broadcast..Only works in UK

Download from here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CareMe MessageHider

Want to hide your secret messages inside phone, like inbox, drafts, sent and outbox? Once hidden these messages can't be viewed inside phone, unless and until you restore them back. You can hide messages related to particular numbers only of your choice.

Download from HERE

CareMe GalleryHider

Want to hide your secret photos, music and video files inside gallery of phone? Once hidden these files can't be viewed inside phone, unless and until you restore them back

Download from HERE. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

PopCap Bejeweled Twist

The classic gem-swapping puzzle game now comes to mobile phones. PopCap Games has launched the mobile version of the popular gaming title, Bejeweled Twist with an innovative way of moving gems and amazing graphics.
Bejeweled Twist is one of the most attractive puzzle games and has been a great hit on desktops since its launch. The developer claims that this game has been a top-seller on wireless and on retail platforms. Developed with an innovative style, this game promises to remove the barriers of traditional match-3 games.
The objective of the Bejeweled Twist game is to create a line of three or more gems of the same type by rotating the entire 2×2 block of gems. This game provides complete flexibility to gamers and allows them to rotate the gems anywhere on the board while making combinations, cascades and chains.

Choose from a variety of skill levels and game modes
Learn to play with in-game help and hints
Boost your score with special power-ups and bonus moves
Use your keypad or thumb buttons for easy game control
Save your high score

Download from Here

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spider-Man Toxic City HD

Green Goblin is releasing a serum that will turn innocent civilians into mutant monsters. As Spider-Man, you will encounter arch enemies including Electro, Shocker, Rhino, Vulture, Doc Oc and many more. Defeat these dangerous foes and gather their DNA to produce an antidote to Green Goblin’s mutant serum. As the story unfolds, you will discover exciting new abilities such as web-swinging, wall-crawling and fighting moves. State of the art animation and design faithfully recapture the sleek, dark and comic book essence of the original Spider-Man.

Download from Here

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zuma's Revenge!

Enter an all-new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land! Play four game modes, take on six tiki boss battles and guide your agile amphibian to victory! Leap into action with explosive new features and amazing new game play.

Download from  here

Monday, February 13, 2012

HeroCraft Ball Rush Aqua v.1.4

Modern technology brought to a legendary classic: Ball Rush Aqua is an enthralling Arcanoid style game that realises the eternal ideas of the original, yet brings the whole experience bang up to date!

You can now travel through the underwater world! This game excels in it’s diversity — from the form and features of the bat through to the large variety of tasks involved: you don’t need to destroy all of the blocks, just open a way to the upper part of a screen to pass the level, and then to pass the next ones until you reach the top where you can really have fun and smash everything in sight! Over a hundred original locations are included alongside two levels of difficulty and a huge number of bonuses, which make the game even more captivating and attractive to play! Throw in 13 types of blocks which all have different margins of safety and you are ready to tackle the rewarding and absorbing experience that is Ball Rush Aqua. Some blocks restore after being crushed and some are almost indestructible. But don’t worry, your arsenal is ready for these trials because you can use fire and ice balls, missiles and bombs, which will hall help you to make your way to freedom!

Game features:

» Outstanding graphics
» Dynamic backgrounds
» 128 unique levels
» 13 bonus types and 13 types of blocks
» Record table
» Background stereo tracks
» High-quality sound effects
» Boss-levels

Download From Here

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

With each season, football fans learn a new language. As teams rise and fall from one league to another, so the expectations of those following them alter.

Liverpool fans no doubt felt on top of the world when they thrashed the mighty Real Madrid 4-0 at the start of 2009, but now, even beating the likes of Northampton seems out of their reach. The mighty can quickly become the meek.

In much the same manner, there's a regular changing of the guard on Nokia Touch. PES 2010 made up serious ground on its rivals at the end of last season, arguably streaking into a narrow lead at the top of the table.

Now it seems those at Konami can't cope with the pressure, with this latest effort almost acting as a poor man's port of its predecessor.

Indeed, the superficial similarities between the two games make PES 2011 and its failures a surprise.

Everything from the in-game head-up display to the controls has been carried over from PES 2010 to this new edition, with a virtual thumbstick and two-button approach to passing, attacking, and tackling as comfortable as expected.

Both one-touch and accelerometer controls make an appearance, with the former's intuitive approach to converting touches anywhere on the screen into logical passes or shots just as accomplished here as it was in PES 2010.

This Game is from iPhone ported to Symbian^3 Phones but it work on some s60v5 Phones...i think all with 3D chip (8910 HD, SE Vivaz, SE Satio...)

Download From Here

Friday, February 10, 2012


Pandemonium, starring the hilarious combo of Nikki and Fargus, will tickle your funny bone while testing your reflexes.

Prepare to enter a colourful and mysterious world filled with humorous characters of all shapes and sizes. Nikki is a wizard-in-training with quick reflexes, a quicker wit and a propensity for acrobatics. Fargus is a slightly deranged jester who argues and *****s sarcastic jokes with his alter-ego a maniacal puppet-on-a-stick named Sid. Together these two troublemakers roam a wild and woolly world looking for fun and adventure. They make a great team because each character has slightly different abilities which are better suited for some levels. There plenty of hidden treasure to find and collect throughout this zany game.

Featuring a freestyle 3D camera and brilliantly detailed 3D worlds, this new iteration captures the essence of what made Pandemonium a classic platform game, allowing mobile phone gamers to have a brand new experience with the acrobatic team of Nikki, Fargus, and demented puppet-on-a-stick, Sid.

Download from HERE

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

World Championship Pool 2010 3D

Experience the most realistic pool game on mobile in World Championship Pool 2010! Travel the globe to compete in new international tournaments and take on the world's best pool sharks! Put your skill and accuracy to the test as you complete original challenges and strive for Gold. Play against a friend in Pass n Play mode. Simpler controls, true pool physics and stunning graphics bring even more fun for novices and pros alike! Do you have what it takes to become World Champion?

Download from HERE

Monday, February 6, 2012

Armageddon Squadron

Armageddon Squadron is an arcade flight simulator giving players the chance to try their wings in some of the best known aircraft of the World War II era in a variety of mission types and environments.
Mission objectives include bombing and strafing raids against facilities and convoys, protection of ground troops against enemy aircraft and, of course, action-packed dogfights against enemy aces. Prepare to unleash an arsenal of machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes above lush, green countrysides, open seas and battle-pocked urban areas.

Armageddon Squadron offers gameplay value unmatched among mobile games.
-- 12 mission campaign mode
-- 4 time trial courses
-- Arcade mode - decide your own game rules
-- Ground, air and sea targets
-- 5 different aircraft
-- Auto locking system makes dogfights a joy
-- Top-down view for precision bombing

Download From HERE


Share your mobile files
Share any type of mobile files fast and easily. The shared files will be immediately ready for your friends to download. Share files in their original size
With Huuked you can share photos and videos in their original size. Huuked keeps the quality of your files same and does not compress them. Connect with your friends
Huuked is great place create communities to share mobile files. You will be up to date of the latest files shared and you have the possibility to make comments about them.

Download from HERE

Saturday, February 4, 2012

HipLogic’s Spark

HipLogic’s Spark replaced your original home-screen of your mobile phone with a new interactive home screen which update you with Current News headlines, Temperature and Social Network update all in your home screen. In initial Test Spark pimped up with touch screen device with great interface.

Spark is your customizable Home screen with everything you want in one place – featuring live Facebook & Twitter streams, Deals from Groupon, News from CBS News, SKY News & AP News, Sports, Location-aware Weather from WeatherBug & More! Update your Facebook & Twitter at the same time. Keep up with breaking news, entertainment, and sports stories.. Get the best local deals from Groupon every day and save money. All of this and more right from your Home screen!

Download From Here

Friday, February 3, 2012


Recordoid allows you to record voice notes in MP4 AAC, AMR and WAV formats. Application outstanding interface simulates retro tape cassette recorder with all details. You can easily add text note and GPS position to your recording and display the location on the map. You can share your recording with friends via E-Mail, Bluetooth, MMS and set it as a ringtone.