Saturday, March 31, 2012

DrJukka's Fake Calls v1.12

Fake Calls is an application which with you can fake incoming phone calls, no actual call is made thus the calls are free of charge.

All parts of the application are using device themes, thus the Fake Calls Display also shows the native looking UI that uses the currently selected theme.

Also ringtones used with the Fake calls display are fetched from the device settings. If the contact selected for the Fake Call is having own ringtone, it will be used just as with native incoming call, and if it does not then the current profiles ringtone is used.

Also if the selected contact has an image or thumbnail picture, they will be shown in the Fake call Display.

Note that if you don't want to receive any actual calls while using the Fake calls, you can turn your device Offline, and if you do so, please add the Operator name & Fallback ringtone from the Settings, otherwise you will not have the operator name shown, as well as the ringtone will not be played.

Download From HERE

Friday, March 30, 2012

1000CHI Mobile Download Accelerator v1.43.12

Mobile Download Accelerator is a wireless terminal high-speed download client platform, especially designed to enhance mobile users downloading experience by providing easy-to-use, speedy and effective access to mobile value-added content. The software is developed with most advanced technology, and provide functionalities including content preview, seamless connection site, resuming broken session, multi-threading, parallel multi-point transmission, P2P download, intelligent parcel technology and file compression; file management, anti-virus. Keep mobile users away from slow connection and cut-off midway from downloading. 1000Chi also offers integrated wireless value added contents, with updated graphics, videos, audio, books, magazines, mobile games. Enjoy the incredible access to any contents and the high-speed fluid download just like the running down water fall.

Download From Here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shape Services IM+

Always on communication across all public messaging systems
Communicate with your friends in a single buddy list. No pre-registration required!
New! Now with Facebook chat!

No cost per message!
Send IM for free and save on SMS! Or send SMS to your contacts from address book with your carrier charges.

View all open dialogs and unread messages in one window
Have multiple conversations with your friends at the same time.

Avatars and full emoticons support
Set your own avatar and status to give your contacts an idea of your mood, you can also manage your contacts.

Send photos and voice messages

Download From HERE

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Layar symbain V4.0

Layar is a reality browser for symbian^3 & s60v5 devices. Layar is an award winning mobile platform. Layar helps you search & discover information about the world around you by displaying digital information called ‘Layers’ into your symbian phone field of vision with augmented reality technology. Experience how a place looked like hundreds of years ago or even see 3D models of buildings to be built in the future. Owners of S60v5 and Symbian^3 devices with GPS, front-facing camera, compass and accelerometer can now rediscover the world around them using Layar’s augmented reality browse.

Download From HERE

Friday, March 23, 2012

Voyager Home Screen v3.7

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is the most powerful desktop UI on Nokia phones.Give you HTC Sense and iPhone style UI on S60 , and totally free!
Powerful home screen features include:
 1. Beautiful big retro clock or analog clock.
2. News feeds and weather.
3. Put all your apps into neat pages to flick through ,like iPhone.
4. One click on/off widgets: Bluetooth, silent profile,phone lock.
5. Send twits from home screen.

Download From HERE

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Google Calendar Client by toivo

Walking around in town, trying to remember exact address for the next meeting, wondering if you had free time between 4 and 6pm or need to call someone -- where all the data is at your calendar at but there is no real no-nonsense way of taking a look with your Nokia phone?
This native Symbian application comes to rescue. It runs on newer phones - tested on Nokia N8 and N97 - providing access to Google calendar. It is a online realtime client. For data connection it is agnostic - can do both WiFi, 3G or anything else that you have available on the phone. This application does not work in offline mode, it does not mirror event data to phone, it does not attempt to sync data with nokias own builtin calendar.

Download From HERE

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tarasov Shopper

Flexible shopping lists and expenses management tool. Shopper will help you create shopping lists using wide range of predefined and custom goods. Application finance statistics let you track expenses on different types of products that you buy every day, week or month.

Predefined categorized products catalog and other application functionalities provide you with significant time economy on planning and shopping itself. You can add custom goods with defined price, quantity and other parameters which make your planning process fast and easy. Use shopping lists and financial stats to discover new ways to decrease your time lost and expenses!

Main Features:
Create as many shopping lists as you want .. ;)
Use templates, send shopping lists to your spouse in SMS or export shopping lists to calendar
Use predefined goods catalog to make shopping list creation fast and easy
Shopping lists exploring while you do shopping is like a breathe
Use Shopper financial statistics to discover how much money you spend on different type of foods
Enjoy easy and effective planning and shopping!

Download from HERE

Sunday, March 4, 2012


 RadioSymba is an Internet-radio player for Nokia S60v5 or later Symbian smartphones. It has a built-in catalog containing over 3000 radio stations sorted by genres and styles. Additional feature is the ability to record audio streams to files.

Download from HERE