Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zanga Calculator v1.02

Basic Calculator for simple and fast calculations.
– Scientific Calculator loaded with more than 18 functions.
– Tape Calculator for your accounting needs (mail the tape and never lose track of your entries).
– Large and comfortable keys for both small and large fingers.
– Realistic interface with beautifully designed office desk
– Memory functions.
– Intuitive to use.
– Extremely fast with instant results.
– Multitasking support - very fast

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Dungeon Quest

From Neophyte to Sovereign. Conquer the vast empire of Dungeon Quest Live! through wild adventures, brutal fights and strategic alliances. Do you have the strength, wisdom and -- most importantly -- the ruthlessness to command it all?

Dungeon Quest Live! is a fantasy-based role-playing game filled with unusual challenges, thrilling fights, unique weapons and ingenious ways to advance your standing within the realm.

Features you will love:
- Select your character's advantage to better defeat your enemies, choose from: Mercenary (more gold), Barbarian (more strength), Fighter (more health) or Warrior (more stamina)
- Choose from dozens of fantastic avatars to best represent your character
- 20 free gems help to advance your cause
- Also play on your Facebook profile to more rapidly advance
- Engaging Quests and Fights provide hours of fun as you progress to Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Master -- and finally -- Sovereign of Dungeon Quest Live!
- Find and buy hundreds of weapons, armor, vehicle and land combinations to insure your success
- The Honor Roll allows you to compare scores with your friends and the best Dungeon Quest Live! players
- Stunning graphics grace every page
- Earn gold by running farms, taverns, cathedrals and fortresses
- Consult the Oracle to increase your power and to trade in magic gems
- Bank your gold to keep it safe from enemy looters
- Play against your Facebook friends and compare scores to see who's the best

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Night Flier

The night comes, the city is sleeping – it’s high time you took an incredible journey over the roofs! Spread your wings and hit the sky! Snick past wild hungry cats, avoid meeting ****n-up hammers and heavy bricks, fly up to the clouds dodging wild planes. Adventures are waiting; hurry to see what waits on the other side of the next roof!

Game features:

1. due to the combination of rich graphics and fascinating gameplay you can’t pry yourself from the game
2. amazing music background creates unique atmosphere of adventure
3. set your own records and compete with other players
4. post your flight record on Twitter and Facebook
5. 10 unique levels differing in complexity won’t let you get bored
6. the bat changes its appearance at every level
7. the game has a store where you can buy additional game bonuses
8. on opening of all city locations you’re in for a surprise – brand-new unexpected levels

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Monday, May 21, 2012

zhiing Location Messaging v1.03.7

zhiing is a location messaging tool that allows you to share your location, or other locations of interest, with your friends, family or co-workers. Even update your location on your favorite social network! Forget about map printouts or scribbling down directions....just zhiing the location! Simply enter the mobile number or email you want to zhiing, and press send. Your buddy receives your message and a dynamic map showing turn-by-turn directions to where you are located, or where you want to meet. Your buddy can respond with his or her location, or forward your location to others that are joining you! With zhiing you can send directions to anyone, anytime, over any network without a hassle. You can even communicate your location to people that don''t have zhiing - as long as they have a cell phone or email address. ?It?s a big world, don?t get lost."

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Tomb Raider Underworld 3D

Join Lara Croft in a mythical journey, as she embarks on her most treacherous adventure yet. Discover an ancient world of cryptic puzzles, hidden tombs and deadly enemies as you explore the wonders of the underworld. Based on the hit console game, Tomb Raider: Underworld brings you an action packed adventure of epic proportions. Master your surroundings using acrobatic abilities and deadly combat skills to help Lara reach new heights. Can you unravel the mysteries that await her?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SnakeGuide v1.0

MrSNAKE is the Worlds First Mobi Guide to Snakes of South Africa.

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Backbreaker Football

Backbreaker is an intense, arcade football experience. Score touchdowns by sprinting, juking and spinning past waves of oncoming defenders, racking up combos and score multipliers on your way to the endzone!

Compete for the Golden Helmet awards in ‘Challenge Mode’ or take the ultimate test in the gruelling 70-wave ‘Endurance Mode’.

Choose your team and stick your name on the jersey!

Unlock secret content by completing Challenges and winning helmets.

Post your scores to our global leaderboards and see how you stack up against your facebook friends.

Easy to pick up but tricky to master... and maddeningly addictive!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Angry Birds HD

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EA Need For Speed Shift

GET BEHIND THE WHEEL OF THE WORLD ’S #1 RACING FRANCHISE! Explode onto the circuit in the fastest, hottest cars. Tear through the streets of Chicago, Dubai, Italy London in 24 Street and Pro-Racing events. Race to defeat the world ’s top 3 drivers!

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SEGA Sonic Jump v.1.0 s60v5

The world is in danger again by the Dr. Eggman ’s evil plot. It can be accomplished with the Chaos Emeralds which have tremendous potentials for good or bad. Your mission as Sonic is to stop his diabolic fantasy. Keep jumping up from platform to platform and chase Dr. Eggman to the end! You can do it!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Cardmobili is a mobile service to manage rewards and membership cards, enabling users to store them in the cloud, while using mobile applications to present them in store, collecting and using the rewards, share cards and information with other users and friends in social networks. Cardmobili is linked to merchants’ loyalty management systems, enabling users to access exclusive offers, delivered to their mobile application and web account. Cardmobili provides complete services for taking any loyalty or membership program mobile: branding, new customer registration, integration of customer account balance, mobile vouchers, coupons and offers, mobile communication.

With CardMobili in your phone, it is now easier to find your favorite and most used cards. Mark them as favorites and get quicker access.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Android Wonder

Hi I am just working out on a new blog for android.
Have a visit if you have an android Device: Android Wonder

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shazam v3.1.4

Create music moments! Shazam can identify music anywhere: from TV, radio or in a bar.With Shazam you can discover and buy music tracks, find tour dates for tagged artists and buy tickets to the gig; share Tags and get music recommendations.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Voice on the Go DriveCarefully v.0.09(2)

DriveCarefully is an on-device application that allows mobile phone users to listen to their email, text messages and PIN messages as they arrive to the phone. DriveCarefully offers a safer alternative to texting and driving and still allowing for productivity while driving. With an automatic auto responder that notifies the sender that the message was read, drivers are able to stay safe while driving.
• Automatically reads your Email, SMS, and PIN messages
• Automatically plays your messages through your speakerphone, any Bluetooth headset or in-car kit
• Automatic activation with Bluetooth and GPS activity
• Available in English, French and Spanish languages
• Auto-reply message
DriveCarefully runs directly on smartphones using the data channel. Users simply turn DriveCarefully “On” and new messages are automatically read aloud. Voice on the Go produces high quality audio streamed over the data channel directly to the media player. You don’t have to touch your Smartphone.
DriveCarefully is simple to use, activated quickly and is perfect for both consumers and Enterprise customers.

Download From HERE