Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tarasov Shopper

Flexible shopping lists and expenses management tool. Shopper will help you create shopping lists using wide range of predefined and custom goods. Application finance statistics let you track expenses on different types of products that you buy every day, week or month.

Predefined categorized products catalog and other application functionalities provide you with significant time economy on planning and shopping itself. You can add custom goods with defined price, quantity and other parameters which make your planning process fast and easy. Use shopping lists and financial stats to discover new ways to decrease your time lost and expenses!

Main Features:
Create as many shopping lists as you want .. ;)
Use templates, send shopping lists to your spouse in SMS or export shopping lists to calendar
Use predefined goods catalog to make shopping list creation fast and easy
Shopping lists exploring while you do shopping is like a breathe
Use Shopper financial statistics to discover how much money you spend on different type of foods
Enjoy easy and effective planning and shopping!

Download from HERE

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