Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Voice on the Go DriveCarefully v.0.09(2)

DriveCarefully is an on-device application that allows mobile phone users to listen to their email, text messages and PIN messages as they arrive to the phone. DriveCarefully offers a safer alternative to texting and driving and still allowing for productivity while driving. With an automatic auto responder that notifies the sender that the message was read, drivers are able to stay safe while driving.
• Automatically reads your Email, SMS, and PIN messages
• Automatically plays your messages through your speakerphone, any Bluetooth headset or in-car kit
• Automatic activation with Bluetooth and GPS activity
• Available in English, French and Spanish languages
• Auto-reply message
DriveCarefully runs directly on smartphones using the data channel. Users simply turn DriveCarefully “On” and new messages are automatically read aloud. Voice on the Go produces high quality audio streamed over the data channel directly to the media player. You don’t have to touch your Smartphone.
DriveCarefully is simple to use, activated quickly and is perfect for both consumers and Enterprise customers.

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