Thursday, September 13, 2012

OffScreen Blackboard Touch v1.30

The creative programmers of Off Screen have released this fine example of a simple idea executed well. Take advantage of the onscreen feature, put an easel interface and let the user write with a chalk. This is the application known as Blackboard. The premise of the Blackboard is very simple. You use your finger or stylus, choose the chalk icon (which is activated by default) and start writing on the blackboard.

When you launch the application, the screen will show a blackboard just like the ones found in classrooms. At the side, you will see four icons: the “X” which shuts down the application, the chalk icon which lets you write on the board, the eraser icon which removes what you have written on the board and the “I” icon which gives you information about the application. Pretty basic stuff.

Download From Here

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