Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best Full Screen Caller

Main features:

  • Showing full screen caller's picture during the call;
  • Showing sender's picture and subject for incoming messages;
  • Ability to select a picture from the Gallery, File Browser or take a picture with the camera;
  • Support for displaying big pictures stored in Contacts (for S60 3rd edition FP2 and S60 5th edition);
  • Displaying call time and current time during the call;
  • Three display modes: full screen, details, full screen details;
  • Ability to set pictures for Contact Groups, unknown numbers and a default picture; 
1) Download the Application from here
2) Open the keygen
3) Select smartphonewares best Full screen caller
4) Enter your phones imei number. ( if you dont know your imei number press *#06# on the phone keypad)
5) enter your email id and finally select generate
6) Register the application with the generated code


  1. Nice applications :) thanks belong to you :)

  2. super!!! i love it :D

  3. really useful!!!! thx man

  4. Hello people I would like to ask you one question about S.E vivaz
    -I have a problem impossible to come to
    vivaz C/Private files
    -I tried to whit FExplore and didnot work it says whwn i truy to enter protected by system and heawe
    small red sign stop.
    - Ten i tried whit Xplore but I could not find the version that i can instal on vivaz
    -I tried whit my phone explorer but It can`t see this files c/private :(

    So now you know my dilema - what to do please help anubody
    Thanks in advance By King :)

  5. its not working (feature could not open)vivaz

  6. the code is not generated......plzz help

  7. The related file comes with a troy horse malware.