Thursday, February 10, 2011

Youlu Address Book 1.1.1

Advanced Address Book
- Options to create and edit contacts, contact groups
- Work with messages in the form of dialogues (SMS-chat)
- Quick search of contacts by number.
- Solo Magazine calls and messages for each contact
- Record conversations feature
- Hot keys support
- Vibration signal on different options
- Quick access to your address book from the standby mode
- Creating a backup
- Synchronize contacts and calendar online to
- Selection term synchronization
- Auto update

Download from Here


  1. Great
    You are back in force.
    Thx for these incredible apps

  2. I liked this app so much I also want it to replace the default messaging system... is there any kinda way to do so?

  3. This app seems better than the default address book and messaging, but it won't rotate with the screen or let me use the full-size keyboard. Same for anyone else?

  4. hey can u plz put the updated version of this, its seriously good app...
    makes sending msgs a breeeez compared to d inbuilt one which lags like hell...