Monday, February 20, 2012

PopCap Bejeweled Twist

The classic gem-swapping puzzle game now comes to mobile phones. PopCap Games has launched the mobile version of the popular gaming title, Bejeweled Twist with an innovative way of moving gems and amazing graphics.
Bejeweled Twist is one of the most attractive puzzle games and has been a great hit on desktops since its launch. The developer claims that this game has been a top-seller on wireless and on retail platforms. Developed with an innovative style, this game promises to remove the barriers of traditional match-3 games.
The objective of the Bejeweled Twist game is to create a line of three or more gems of the same type by rotating the entire 2×2 block of gems. This game provides complete flexibility to gamers and allows them to rotate the gems anywhere on the board while making combinations, cascades and chains.

Choose from a variety of skill levels and game modes
Learn to play with in-game help and hints
Boost your score with special power-ups and bonus moves
Use your keypad or thumb buttons for easy game control
Save your high score

Download from Here

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