Friday, February 10, 2012


Pandemonium, starring the hilarious combo of Nikki and Fargus, will tickle your funny bone while testing your reflexes.

Prepare to enter a colourful and mysterious world filled with humorous characters of all shapes and sizes. Nikki is a wizard-in-training with quick reflexes, a quicker wit and a propensity for acrobatics. Fargus is a slightly deranged jester who argues and *****s sarcastic jokes with his alter-ego a maniacal puppet-on-a-stick named Sid. Together these two troublemakers roam a wild and woolly world looking for fun and adventure. They make a great team because each character has slightly different abilities which are better suited for some levels. There plenty of hidden treasure to find and collect throughout this zany game.

Featuring a freestyle 3D camera and brilliantly detailed 3D worlds, this new iteration captures the essence of what made Pandemonium a classic platform game, allowing mobile phone gamers to have a brand new experience with the acrobatic team of Nikki, Fargus, and demented puppet-on-a-stick, Sid.

Download from HERE


  1. this game is really awesome but could we i.e vivaz and vivaz pro users have some football game such as pes 12 or fifa 12 i good graphics or so ...nyeway ...thnx a lot for this is da best i have ever seen for my cell....but try for the football game!!!

    1. doesnt install on my vivaz

    2. how do you install it

  2. Doesnt install on my hacked vivaz it says limited by the certificate

  3. I have similar problem... plz help..