Monday, October 22, 2012

WiFi Talkie

WiFi Talkie uses  direct WLAN device to device connection and modern  VoIP techniques to simulate Walkie-Talkie push to talk connection.

No paid GSM connections, no WLAN routers and access points, no central servers, no short range Bluetooth connections – just pure, free WLAN point to point connection!

There are plenty of situations where WiFi Talkie would be suitable for you, for example:
At home, you are on the first floor, your wife / children is on the second floor, now you don’t need to shout, or call to communicate, if you want to contact just use WiFi Talkie
Outdoor, to play with your child in the park
In the cars – when you make a trip with your fellows by two cars, you can communicate via WiFi Talkie with fellows in the second car and vice versa
just to make fun ;)

Download From Here

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