Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flash Wallpaper Pack

Here is some of my favorite flash wallpapers that i have been able to collect from various sites.this pack also includes two flash wallpapers from vivaz pro. ( Beachmarimba and memopad ) this pack includes the following swf files

1.   Aquarium
2.   Beachmarimba_vivazPro
3.   Black Flow
4.   Blue Sky
5.   Bronzy
6.   Colors
7.   Compo BlackWhite
8.   Cyber Ring
9.   Dandelion
10. Digitaze
11. Futurism
12. Memopad_vivazPro
13. Metropolitan
14. Nebula
15. On Land
16. Pianos
17. Pink Lilac
18. Shape Shifter
19. Sony Ericsson
20. Standby
21. Unlimited Standby
22. Whisper

Unfortunately i am not able to post screenshots as swf files is not supported by

Download the complete Pack From Here


  1. hi,
    I was wondering how do you get this too work on a regular satio that has been flashed, rooted, etc.?


  2. Just copy the files to your memory card and then choose the wallpaper as adobe flash. then you will get the list of flash files in your memory card and select from the list.

    For satio you require to install the vivaz homescreen enabler.

    1. I am not able to get this working. Plz explain me in detail.

  3. Could we link I put your link at my side now

  4. A big thankyou in general for this blog - I've picked up a lot here.

    Re these flash wallpapers, i was wondering...
    My vivaz was from Vodafone UK, and the sonyericsson standby theme contained in the vodafone firmware has a bookmarks panel instead of the twitter panel (it's like the favourite contacts or shortcuts panel - a list of favourite bookmarks)
    having debranded now to generic western europe, this option is not there in that theme.
    Any ideas how to get hold of it? Could it be extracted from the firmware on a suitable phone?

  5. hi there. Do you know of any flash wallpaper that works like notes or to-do list? Thanks a lot by the way for the extra lots of wallpapers you have posted here. :) enjoying it.

  6. use memo pad. it is included in this pack

  7. does the download cost something.??

  8. i downloadet it and then sended to my phone and when i wanted to open it they said that the feature wasnt supportet. can you help me?

  9. How do I get flash themes on my Satio??

    I've seen on YouTube that there are several users that their menu moves like the iPhone?

    I mean that instead of using the Scroll Bar to move around, they just "go right" with their finger on the Screen and the Screen moves and they get the other apps. Just like how you move on the iPhone from and list to the other, no need to Scroll up or down.

    Do you know how can I do this on my Satio???

    (By the way I already hacked my Satio and have the Vivaz Homescreen enabled)

    Please reply!

  10. do I need to unzip them ??

  11. they are great ...... but can you say where I can get more of these wallpapers .... and some good wedsite where I will get games for this mobile ....

  12. i tried putting the file pack in the adobe flash folder in my vivaz, but the phone says it connot open it? what did i do wrong?

  13. yea,i installed the file in the adobe flash folder and when i try to open it the vivaz shows "file type is not supported,cannot open". what do i have to do to get these wallpapers?

  14. unzip all the files on your pc then send each individual file by bluetooth to your the message with the bluetooth attachment then choose "save file".choose either phone memory or card.when you want to change yor wallpapaer on the phone, the files will be there.that's it.

  15. oh and by the way, thanks for the upload and for making all these files available for everyone saroj.very nice of you,thanks.

  16. this is great but non of the flash file move when I rotate the mobile ... and in some other mobile is rotates .... why dint it rotate in my mobile ??

  17. How to download the thing into vivaz phone? Do i have to extract anything?

  18. i have the vivazs pro and cant open the pack for sum reason help??

  19. i cant install can you help me?

  20. Awesome nice 1 for the dl bro!!!!!

  21. Gostaria de saber como crio um wallpaper para colocar no meu vivaz. Ja criei, porem quando vou deixar ele como papel de parede o mesmo consta como arquivo corrompindo.

  22. Hey guys...!!!!! i have a satio but i can't flah it... i'm from greece.. i try the kokoro0 but it doesn't affect... plzzz help me i want only to work those flash wallpapers on my satio... please reply me....

  23. i had jz downloaded this file pack by using my vivaz...but..i cant open the file..n i cant c any those wallpapers...why is this happen???

  24. execllent wall papers mate
    these are the type of thing you expect these phones to do from standard

  25. hy, i have a vivaz phone, and, i can`t flash my homescreen.... i`ve downloaded this pack of wallpapers... but i can not set as wallpaper.
    can anyone help me please? .. this is my email:

  26. Hi
    I am looking for Themes for my Vivaz... could you help me? I only have been found themes for Nokia but I want an original Theme for my vivaz, or do you know how to change the menu backscreen? Please email me to Bless

  27. hello my wallpaper has no options for running adobe? is there something missing? can u please help me. thanks in advance.

  28. this file is a .rar file. You have to uncompress it first. Either with winrar on pc or something similar on Vivaz. Once unrared, move the files into phone memory (c: I think)/adobe flash folder. Once in there, click on them to view. Once it's displayed, go into options (bottom left) and set as wallpaper. Hope that helps some noobs out there :)

  29. hey please help me............
    I have satio (hacked and with kokoromod) but i dont have vivaz homescreen enabler......can anyonr give me link to it please and instructions to mail: ;

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  31. ha outros alem desses swf? gostei do memopad é o melhor

  32. Bu güzel. Ben seçtiğiniz gibi. Paylaşım için teşekkürler. ucuz iphone

  33. Thank you the flass wallpaper really work after i extracted in my computer