Saturday, September 11, 2010

Race Chrono

RaceChrono™ is a GPS based lap timing software for S60 and Windows Mobile smart phones. It can be used for almost all types of racing and outdoor sport. RaceChrono has rich lap analyzing features suited especially for motor sports, making it a great alternative to traditional car, karting and motorcycle lap timers.

It uses position data from your GPS receiver to determine lap times and performance.

Download The App From HERE.

Download The Manual From HERE


  1. Amigo,
    Os aplicativos postados são ótimos para o Vivaz. Finalmente um site específico para este fone.
    Agora um pedido. Você consegue algum app para e-mail com suporte html?


  2. Sorry, now in english,
    The apps posted here are very nice for the Vivaz. Finally a specific site for this fone fone.
    Now, one request. Do you get some e-mail cliente app with html support?


  3. Thank you for very useful blog.
    Do any one knows how to configure a proxy for wi-fi?
    In order to access internet from our school network we need to login to a proxy. In windows IE this is done through LAN connection setting. But for vivaz wifi I don't know how to define username and password for the school proxy!

  4. I think you should write about Orange Tsunami standby screen for those of us who do not use SPB Mobile Shell. It is a great home screen with widgets. Just tested on my Vivaz and it works (v.1 or any other, need to install Orange Tornado as well).

    Also write about SlideIT, makes the phone much more usable.

  5. To our friend with the proxy question:

    Select the access point you want to configure, go to options->edit. then go to options->advanced setting. you will find proxy setting there

  6. but that setting dun require the username and how?

  7. I found the above mentioned setting in Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Access point.

    Select the desired connection (usually the wi-fi one) and choose Options / Advanced and then there will be two fields, one for the proxy address (or IP, in my case) and one for the port the proxy listens.

    It's unusual to have a proxy setting per outgoing connection, but it's a rather convenient way, compared to the way PCs have it.

  8. any keygen to register it for lifetime ?