Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sony Ericsson LiveView™

What is does is that is sits on your wrist (with an included wrist band) or as a clip somewhere and gives you a quick view of what’s going on in your phone. Like a second wireless interactive mini display. This means that you can have your phone in you pocket or in a bag and still be alerted with notifications on incoming stuff or keept track of other things. It has an OLED screen with 128×128 pixels and some interaction elements such as 4-way navigation (touch sensors at the front, just at the edges of the screen) and two hard buttons, one for power on and off and for menu selection.
There are some given use-cases included already from launch, like notifications on incoming calls and messages, Facebook status updates etc. The cool thing however is of course that this device is available for use by any application that wants to. Think of this as kind of the usual Android desktop widgets but instead in a physical form, away from your phone. This makes this device quite an enabler for lots of cool ideas going forward. As you are aware there are thousands of great Android apps out there and I’m sure many of them could improve and evelove by use this device in cool ways. Then there might also even be some new applications ideas that are possible to realise now with this device that wasn’t even possible without it.
It will be sold as a stand alone device and start selling in around the same timeframe as our X10 products are updated (it needs Android 2.x to work). It will also be sold in different packages from us and from our partners. The currently finalised example is an “Experience Pack” with LiveView, a sporty style armband for having your phone on your arm and the SportyPal™ Pro application from CreationPal.

These are the specs and default included features:
Music player control Play, pause, next, previous track and volume adjustment. Track title display
Social Networking Services Display Facebook™ updates. Display Twitter™ updates
Messaging Display incoming texts. Display RSS feeds
Calls Show phone number for incoming calls. Mute ringer for incoming phone calls. List of missed calls.
Other Calendar reminders. Find your phone. Display time and date.
Connectivity Bluetooth™ technology. Micro USB connector. Bluetooth™ range approximately 10m
Screen 1,3”colour OLED display, 128×128 pixels
Compatibility Compatible with the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10, Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini and Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini pro and most other brands on Android 2.0 and above. For updated compability chart see
Facts 1)2) Size:3.5 x 3.5×1.1cm. Typical consumer battery usage time: 4 days
Availability and versions Available in selected markets from Q4 2010
  • Black
Standard kit content
  • Sony Ericsson LiveView™
  • Clip
  • Wristband
  • MicroUSB charger
  • User guide


  1. if it compatible with the Sony Ericsson vivaz/vivaz pro too, it will be awesome!!!

  2. Well guys, SE dumped us Symbian users. This device? prob not for symbian. They also recently announced no Symbian phones in the near future.

    I used to be a loyal SE fan- T630, K700, K610, K800, now Vivaz... It is my last :-(

  3. they (sonyericsson) should made a device that compatible to any of their phones even the phones use a diff OS...

    they should follow what nokia did.most of nokia's phones are from symbian.i know the symbian is belong to them.but nokia only focus on 1 OS,easy for them u make such a device (if they did) that can be use at any of their phones without any exceptional...

    if a brand have use diff OS on diff phone,it is hard for them to sell the product.if the product have high demand (especially form other phone that use other OS),so they will lose some profit...

  4. I'm buying this if compatible with vivaz

  5. Shame, I would have got it if it were cheap.

    Actually probably would have regardless of price.

  6. There are some given use-cases included already from launch, like notifications on incoming calls and messages, Facebook status updates etc. Here all these things are really very cool.

  7. I can send you this tip by email, so I put on comment, please, put into a new TIP

    Problem sincronizing Outlook 2007/2010

    no sync!! But I have fixed it!!

    What you need to do is regedit, navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Setup, export that key to a file. Edit the file to change 14.0 to 12.0, then import it to the registry (double-click). When you restart SEPCSuite it will now pick up Outlook in the Sync section, and can config as normal.

    It's true that the SEPCSuite only searches the reg keys 11.0 and 12.0 but not 14.0!!

  8. @Palanis- if you have a google account, the best way to sync is OTA. Use roadsync to sync with, then use google calendar sync and companionlink on your pc to sync with everything is automatic, no cables...

  9. In Sony Ericsson PC Suite 6.0 if you try to sincronize urs Contact, notes, etc. with microsoft Outlook 2007/2010.


  10. Thanks for sharing this valuble information

  11. Most Nokia phones are from symbian.i know them.but Nokia Symbian only focus on one operating system, to facilitate you make such a device they can without any special phone for any use.

  12. You can have your phone in you pocket, bag and still be alerted with notifications on incoming and out going stuffs. It is very wonderful product of Sony Ericsson.

  13. huhuhh please.. what should i do??,,, i cant send sms using my vivaz please help me.. my phone is not full.. i delete all the msg.. but still when i tried tosend it only stores in outbox and always do resend