Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smartphoneware Best Alarms

Best Alarms features:

* Smart notes for the alarms: when you are creating a new alarm, the application offers to select an earlier entered note or empty line. The list of notes is updated automatically when you create or change alarms;
* Automated time correction: when you are creating a new alarm or reminder, the application will offer the time interval to the event deduced from the last alarm. Example: if the alarm was created at 10:00 AM and set for 10:30 AM, the next alarm will be offered to start in 30 minutes automatically.
* Persistent Puzzle alarm: an optional feature that makes the alarm sound until you solve an arithmetic expression or input the shown random 4-digits number. This helps to make sure that your brain really woke up.
* Reminder "Contact" - allows opening a contact for further operations (call, send a message, e-mail etc...)
* Reminder "Phone Number" - allows dialling a number when the reminder pops up
* Reminder "Voice note" - allows playing a voice note saved as a reminder
* Reminder "Image" - allows to show an image or a photo from the camera

1) Download The Application From HERE
2) Sign The application using extsis.exe
3) Install the application.


  1. I can't set the sound. the sound tab seems to be unclickable. how??

  2. sound tab will appear only while you are creating a new alarm or reminder

  3. yes. it's already appear but i can't click on it. seems like a bug.

  4. ok. now i know why. the bug comes from the theme that i used now. it's a nokia 5580's theme. it doesn't really compatible with vivaz and some buttons and tabs are missing. that's why I can't click on the sound tab.

  5. hiii i want to upgrade memory card of vivaz to 16gb so plz can u tell me does the phone withstand 16gb.. yes its expandable till 16gb but i heard that total memory shouldn't use...hav to use less memory to that of specified memory.. ie if 4gb expandable can use till 2 itself.. plz help me out !!

  6. vivaz or ivaz pro have extanded their memory card to 32gb with new firmware...it should not be a prob...

  7. ohh thanq... did they specify in sony ericsson official site.. and does xperia x10 mini also extended to 32 or limited to 16gb??

  8. the sounds of clock alarm and the calendar reminder alarm do not function anymore. its 9 onths since i bought the unit. what could have hapenned?. or what is the possible cause? i cant use both alarms.