Friday, July 2, 2010

Road sync Panel

A New roadsync panel has been introduced by sony ericsson for vivaz.

Flash panel for the RoadSync MS Exchange ActiveSync application. Get new emails and current appointments directly to your desktop. Provides easy access to mail folder and calendar.

Download From Here

To install:
 1) copy the sis file to the phone.
2) goto settings>Personal>themes>Wallpaper
3) Select any panel and select adobe flash
4) Then select the roadsync panel.


  1. how do you put it on your desktop?

  2. got any documentation on this aside from the vague "it's easy".

  3. You need to set this as wallpaper.
    In wallpaper,select adobe flash.
    Then you'll get this panel option.

    Select it and set it as wall paper.thats it.

  4. I don't have "adobe flash" as a selection in wallpaper, only default, picture, slide.

  5. please can you help me? I happen to get off the panel but to install I get this "Please update your SW RoadSync Before Installing this application" update RoadSync but I keep going out the same, I can do?

  6. It's the same for me. It isn't in Wallpapers and i can't find it anywhere.How can i use it?

  7. since January 5, 2011 3:03 PM...
    Hello everyone I have the same problem, but my roadsync says I already have the latest does my software. My vivaz just won't catch the last actualization I sort of gave up...anyways...bye-