Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sony Ericsson Pc Software

PC Suite:

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite connects your phone to your computer so you can synchronise and manage your personal data (such as calendar and contact information) and connect your computer to the Internet via the phone

To Download Go  HERE

Media Go:

The perfect entertainment organizer, Media Go makes it easier than ever to take your media with you wherever you go. Transfer music, photos, and videos from your PC to your Sony or Sony Ericsson portable device, or import from your device to your PC. File conversion is hassle-free: Media Go automatically converts your media to the appropriate format for your device while maintaining the best possible quality.

To Download go HERE

Update Service:

Update your phone for optimal performance and get the latest enhancements. Regardless if you have the latest software, it is a good routine to run Update Service to improve software stability. Also, if you experience problems with your phone this may be solved by a software update. It's easy to use Update Service, just run the application and follow the instructions

To download Go HERE

Themes Creator:

The Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool is a "composer" that allows you to personalize the look and feel of any Sony Ericsson mobile phone by quickly creating great-looking themes based on existing components such as color palettes, sound files, image files or animations

To Download Go HERE


  1. Guys, check out the roadsync panel on playnow. we have been asking for a panel that shows calendar items- and now we have it

  2. could not find the roadsync panel which country page did you log into, is it in themes or images?

  3. I found it when logged in to playnow from phone. you will see at the top another icon for panels. Location was Israel

  4. Thanks will post it in the site ...

  5. hi guyz i am using vivaz pro can you please hook me up with pc suite please even the link , and before i was using c902 i backed up my contacts using pc suite so i wana return them to my vivaz

  6. help me please. my vivaz pro u8a just shut down. even i try charging it, the red light just turn on and the white screen appears. the problem is, it stays that way and i can't turn on my phone. what seems to be the best way to repair it? please.

  7. It is not working properly on my desktop. Is this the problem of software version update?