Monday, July 19, 2010

Roadsync Tips And Tricks

With support for 50+ Symbian S60 smartphones shipping all over the world, it can be a fun challenge for RoadSync to work consistently across the board. Although some things may vary slightly per device, here are a few tips and tricks you may want to try:

1 = Reply
2 = Reply all
3 = Forward
4 = New
5 = Message Details
6 = Download Remainder
7 = Move
8 = Attachments
9 = Flag
* = Zoom in
0 = Page down
# = Zoom out
c = Delete

On devices with keyboards, hold shift to select the numeric shortcut.

Green button = Send now

Copy & Paste = any of the following:
= press * and select the menu option
= hold # and scroll to select text
= hold shift and scroll to select
= Pencil button and scroll
= Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V

When in the TO: field, simply push the D-pad to select a contact stored on the phone. Or select Options -> Global Address List -> search and add contacts from your corporate directory.

If you are sending messages to someone within your own company, simply type in the first part of their e-mail address before the @ and the server will determine the rest.

How to add a contact photo...
...take a picture using the camera on your phone and add the thumbnail directly within the Contacts application or even in Outlook. These images will automatically show up when using speed dial, caller-id, etc.

How to quickly change your internet access point...
...Launch the RoadSync app, select Options -> Settings -> Change Connection

How to adjust your peak and off-peak sync schedule...
...Launch the RoadSync application -> select Settings -> Settings -> Sync Schedule

How to define your e-mail date ranges, messages sizes, signatures, confirmations and pop-ups...
...Launch the RoadSync application -> select Settings -> Settings -> E-mail Options

How to quickly send a small file or image as an attachment...
...Open the image gallery or file manager -> select the item you would like to send -> Options -> hit the green button -> select send via e-mail or RoadSync. On some phones, items may need to be smaller than 50kb. If you would like to send larger items, simply create a new RoadSync message and attach your files.

How to periodically check for RoadSync product updates for your device...
...Launch the RoadSync application -> select Help -> Check for updates

Thanks to crazyyen of satio world.


  1. anyone successful installing Nokia messaging on Vivaz? It's a great app, greatly enhances the existing email client

  2. Roadsync is horrific, forgets access point, no real HTML email, does not boot on startup, no support for destinations.

  3. my Roadsync doesn't forget access points, it has HTML mail (read the instructions), but, sadly, doesn't boot up on startup. Somewhere I read that it does or did, but not on my Vivaz.

  4. I probably do not have the roadsync application on my Vivaz (the roadsync flash panel does not connect to internet and subsequently to any server). Do I have to buy the application to have it working?

  5. It is in organiser.
    Can anyone tell me what the server name is? I have no idea, have been searching everywhere what it could be... Anyone succesful with it, can you please share? I'm trying to set it up... Thanks

  6. An app that has sync in it's name and doesn't sync automatically....a joke indeed! Horrible.

  7. me podrian decir como quitar la aplicacion roadsync de mi telefono pues no me sirve de nada

  8. su aplicacion no me permite mandar musica via bluetooth

  9. i successful with following settings
    pwd: xxx
    Exchange server:
    domain: none
    use ssl: yes