Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Battery life v1.15

  • Displays the current battery charge percentage.
  • Indicates how much time remains before a full battery discharge smartphone.
  • Indicates how much time remains before the full battery.
  • Can adjust the following options depending on battery life
    • Adjust the brightness of the screen.
    • Setting time back-light.
    • Setting delay screen saver.
    • Setting illumination sensor.
    • Settings Blue-tooth.
1) To install download Batterylife.rar 

2) Sign the .sis application using siscontents similar to the way done in my previous posts.

3) Install the app in the phone


  1. hey~
    may i know how long does vivaz pro's battery last?
    its battery drained damn fast..

  2. I use vivaz that without the pro, if i use only for msg and answer call it can stand about 2 days only...

  3. How do you get this to work?

  4. Hi,

    I carefully followed the instructions about signing, but it just doesn't work, certificate expird issue all the time. Can anyone help?

  5. certificate expired u can fix it by change ur time zone :D is 2011 and u change it to 2010...
    if its still expired....make lower 1 year again like 2009...
    if the certificate does not exist...
    set infront abit...the date...
    hope its help....:D
    sorry for bad english

  6. helo! where can i buy a battery of vivaz o5? my phone is almost brandnew but hav problem in bat already..cant find in any store..thnx

  7. it still error.. how to fix it??

  8. this app doesn't work :(
    reason: Certificate error!

  9. OPDA doesn't respond for almost a week now..
    do anyone know why?