Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Firmware (R2CA024) Released

A new firmware for vivaz has been released. This update includes a noticeable performance improvement,updated Google maps, you-tube application and neoreader application.The radio also now supports RDS. I also felt the touch response has been improved a bit.

Still there is no kinetic scrolling and automatic photo flash. Hope they include this in the next update

To Update the phone you require to download the phone update software from HERE.


  1. after update I got this error several times: sim not allowed mm#3

    I must resrat the phone to get access to my mobile network again and after a while.. again the network is gone!

  2. Please contact sony ericsson customer support for any issues regarding update.

  3. I did, but they did not respond to me!! So I've flashed my phone and get back to previous firmware...

  4. I also after update I got this error several times: sim not allowed mm#3
    and my phone lose the connection with network :(

  5. Try the new FW for SE VIVAZ U5i using Update Service from SE: R2CA026.

  6. I try for update current firmware (R2CA024) but the program said your phone already has the latest software,
    are you sure that the R2CA026 has been launched?

  7. r2ca026 firmware is released only for selected regions.still not available for everyone.

  8. Vivaz has this network problem..InSERT simcard..

  9. MM#3 can be bypassed by switching to "flight mode" and back to "normal".

    BUT this is a hell from SE.

    how can I downgrade my phone pls?

  10. Same trouble for me with a new xperia 10 mini....

  11. go to
    menu/ seting/connectivity/admin.setting/packet data

    then choose "when required'

    It's done. I've tried and it answered! g'd l'k


  12. Hi,
    I updated with this Firmware R2EAO23 today....nothing new


  13. Hi,

    the update R2EA023 is available for Germany now. I really hope the "sim not allowed mm#3" error is fixed now. The update was easy to handle... I didn't have to install software again.

  14. Updated yesterday to R2EA023 (Germany)

    Error not fixed, resived today.

    try the "When requied" setting now. Wish me luck :)

  15. yes, you are right... I've still got the problem. Did you install the full Firmware?
    I guess it won't help. So I have to send my vivaz to the repair shop. I don't want... but I have to...

  16. hab vergessen zu fragen: Hast du auch EPlus?

  17. I had my Vivaz pro the first day active, where the error appeared like 5 times..

    After the work i patched the new firmware (20/08/10).. Like in my previous post (3.09; 3:25)

    Since i tried the "when requied" setting, the error doesnt shown up again.. I think this can fix it.

    Also i saw that the icon at the left side on top changed. There is no "E" anymore (wich means EDGE i guess..)
    And the only icon is now the antenna (like this ¥)

    Also Leute, so wies aussieht is der Fehler weg wenn ihr bei Paketdaten auf "bei bedarf" einstellt. Seitdem is das E oben weg und nurnoch das antennen symbol, und der fehler kam soweit auch nemmer.
    Da ich das handy erst 4 tage hab kann ich ziemlich sicher sagen das es davon weggeht weil vorher über den tag mind. 1x kam.. am ersten sogar 5 mal..
    Hoffe des kann weiterhelfen. Viel glück Leute :)

    Tested with:
    Sony Ericsson U8i (Vivaz pro) & BASE DE

  18. The error occurs again but just with my EPlus/Base Sim. I've tried a D1 Sim for 5 days the error didn't occur. It's so strange... As I see it isn't a Hardware bug.

  19. Well, my Base Card didn't shown the error again.

    Like i said befor, i had my phone 2~3 days, the error was shown like 6~7 times.

    After i changed the setting to "when requied" the error doesnt appear anymore..

    Well, for me i guess i fixed it.. since i have like almost 6 days now without an error.

    An other friend of mine has the u8i in white, also base.. but nothing happend. She never had this problem.

  20. well, the thing is: I can't change the settings of Paketdata. There is only one Paketdata connection and this is the EPlus Standard. Could you tell me, where exactly I've to change the settings? Connection manager --> ??

  21. Sorry, I've just found the settings... I hope this fixes the problem.

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  24. hello i am simon from lebanon i want to download some apps to record my conversetion when i calling but nothing work with my vivaz ..please some body tell me what can i do and where can i find this program ..i want to say i have also updating the new software r2ca023...thanks

  25. thanks! It did work with my Vivaz pro! great job!

  26. hi...witch one work in your vivaz pro? wat is the name of this apps?

  27. Hi, how can I update to R2CA026? If I use the update software it only updates to R2CA023!!

  28. you cant update to r2ca026 because the sony ericsson is bad phone ..the best is nokia 8 or samsung galaxy or i phone eric... go out

  29. Hi there any updates avaiable in south africa plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  30. A707-Sim Not Allowed MM#3 SOLUTION!!!!!!

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    07-07-2008 09:59:13 PM - last edited on 07-07-2008 10:00:29 PM
    For people who have a problem with this message being on their phone.
    I found a solution!!!!!!

    Here are the steps I used on my Samsung A707:

    1. type in *#0523#
    2. Press # 3 times to get to the main menu
    3. Press 8 (phone control)
    4. Press 3 (NAS control)
    5. Press 3 again (UIM class)
    6. It should turn out that the setting for the UIM class should be GSM.

    If it was GSM to start with follow these steps:

    1. from the main menu check the sim info.
    2. the card capability and the EF category should be USIM.
    3. If it is not mess around with it.

    I do not remember how i changed this, but i no this is wat it should be.

    If this doesn't work I don't know what will.
    This is how I fixed mine.

  31. no update in the world...the latest uapdate is R2CA023 no more update

  32. ...realised by who??? cause on SE website they say that is no update realised....

  33. Hi any one can tell me, how to increase the volume of my Vivaz, I am bit depressed with the sound quality of my Vivaz...

  34. Is there a difference between this U5i firmware and a U5 model?

    My phone reads U5 and the firmware is dated back on 20-08-2010 but when I run the phone upgrade it reports I have the latest firmware.

    Could it be that the latest is that far old or does Sony/Ericsson stopped improving the U5 but only the U5i?

  35. Greetings.

    My name is Michael and I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have a SE Vivaz Pro HD and I am have having the following problems:

    1.The calender REMINDER does not display and alert me when the date and time is due....... I have set the REMINDER date and time for the alert alarm to beep BUT IT DOES NOT !!! ... CALENDAR>SETTINGS>CALENDAR REMINDER SIGNAL is signature.m4a

    2.The "=" displays instead of "." when I input text in NEW MESSAGE using the Alphanumeric keypad#1 which is for ".,'" Why does "=" display when it is supposed to be " . or , or ' "? keypad#2 is "abc" and so on...

    3.How do I scan my phone for virus?

    4.My alarm does not ring when it is set for a specific time.

  36. hi I MAKE uptade to my vivaz and my new version si r2ea021?it's the latest

  37. To Vivaz einai gia ton POUTSO!!!
    Gia auto aposirthike se ena xrono apo tin agora!!!
    Osoi to agorasame ton fagame asxima!!!

  38. Need to knw hw to install apps to my memory card, because fone doesnt give an option to select the options of memory

  39. hi
    i m using vivaz u5i but its touch system gone mad.
    wt can i do with this please help..
    plz reply at

  40. @khalid and anyone else with a defective touch screen.

    First try cleaning the touch screen - dirt and moisture can cause it to go mental. If it is still defective you can buy a new touch screen for not much money on eBay. Vivaz disassembly guide for fitting it is here:

  41. ive tryd updating my vivaz with the software i do the steps and hold down the call key for 30 mins an nothing happended am i doing somthing wrong

  42. Got my secondhand Vivaz and loving it!

    "SIM not allowed MM # 3" vivaz -- Resolved
    I used "when required" packet data fix as said here then reset network connections by going offline and then online by switch to flight mode and back to my active profile.

    @AnonymousMay 22, 2012 3:25 PM
    That is so true. I just bought a cheap screen protector, and after a while it got moist on a section and the touch screen thought it was pressed there.
    I'm ok again without the screen protector, gotta find a better one.

  43. my vivaz u5i GPS signal is very bad,
    In location always show no conection or waiting for GPS, bt other mobile gps are works at same place how can i fix this problem plz tell me,

  44. Dears I have Sony Ericsson u5i it showing no GSM signal and emergency call only. one time or two time it works. I replaced Antenna cable, Main Antenna and Antenna small PC but it same. I also update software from Sony web site