Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SPB Weather

SPB Weather is the most powerful mobile phone weather forecast program. It combines the detailed everyday forecasts for 10,000 cities worldwide from several weather sources with the beauty and friendliness of up-to-date satellite images on a 3D Globe.

  • 5 day weather forecast
  • Detailed morning/day/evening/night forecast
  • Pressure, humidity and wind forecast
  • Add up to 10 favorite cities
  • 10,000+ world wide cities database
  • Sliding gestures to switch between cities
  • Find your city by name, GPS position, or code
  • Weather forecasts on 3D globe
  • Rotate the globe with your finger
  • Zooming
  • Satellite image animation
  • 3 day sky (clouds) forecast
  • 3 day temperature forecast
  • 3 day precipitation forecast
  • Animation on the 3D globe

1)First Download and extract the Application  Spb Weather s60v5 (if you already know to sign the app no need to read the rest sign the app and install in your phone)

2) Download and extract sis contents

3)open the file extsis.exe

4)now open the spb weather sis file

5) now we have to sign the application
6) Now you require to have the OPDA certificate and key if youu havent got it read my previous post get your s60v5 certificate and key from OPDA

 7)Now save your new signed sis file and install in your phone


  1. i have to conect to internet with this app or how does it work

  2. Yes you have to connect to the net for this to work