Sunday, May 23, 2010

Themes Creator now supports Satio™ and Vivaz™

The Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool is a "composer" that allows you to personalize the look and feel of any Sony Ericsson mobile phone by quickly creating great-looking themes based on existing components such as color palettes, sound files, image files or animations

 Themes Creator. Version 4.16 now supports themes for Sony Ericsson’s Symbian phone Satio™ and Vivaz™. The program is very simple and it’s possible to make a theme just in four steps: backgrounds, colors, style and sounds. Advanced color control allows you to colorize many elements to your exact requirements, just like with our other phones.

Download the new theme creator from HERE.


  1. download link broken plzz repair

  2. Does not work on vivaz pro! it exports it in .thm, and not in .sis could you help me?

  3. Hi COMPAQSURFER! Just select "Use default certificate" and it exports it as .sis

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