Monday, May 31, 2010

Vibra Connect

Program gets vibration on:
    Vibra-Connect icon
  • Connection. Phone vibrates during long beeps
  • Talk begin. You get short vibration when call has been taken on the other side.
  • At 55-th second of conversation. It is useful if you have got per-minute billing of.
  • Disconnection. You get double short vibration when you hang up the phone or have been failed to dial.
Installation instructions

1)First Download and extract the Application Vibra Connect (if you already know to sign the app no need to read the rest sign the app and install in your phone)

2) Download and extract sis contents

3)open the file extsis.exe

4)now open the VibraConnect.1.1.4.unsigned.sis file

5) now we have to sign the application

6) Now you require to have the OPDA certificate and key if youu havent got it read my previous post get your s60v5 certificate and key from OPDA

 7)Now save your new signed sis file and install in your phone


  1. Out of topic. Does anyone know some utility, which can enable/disable senzor (rotation) for only some apps (like it is in WM)?? It would be very helpful. thx!

  2. As far as i know there is no app that can enable or disable sensors for a particular app.

  3. theres an app that cuts the calls at 5 or 15 minutes if you want can someone help me find it its only for symbian

  4. update the link please