Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nokia OVI Map Files

There Are two methods to install nokia maps.

First Method:
1)  Download the official map loader from nokia.(NokiaMaploaderSetup_ENU.exe) and install.

2) open Ovi Maps installed in your phone and exit the program.

3) connect your phone in mass storage mode.

4) open the map loader and download new maps to your mobile.

5) Now you are done.

Second Method.

1) open Ovi Maps on your phone and exit. a new folder name cities\dishcache\ is made on your phone memory card with folders from 0-9, a-z.

2) download the new maps as given bellow and copy the extracted folders {0-9,A-Z} to the cites\diskcache\  folder.

3)Merge the folders if it is asked.

4) Then The map will get installed.

NOKIA MAPS OVI V3 DOWNLOADS -( Direct download from Nokia)

Entire continents

Armenia | Azerbaijan | Bahrain | China | Hong Kong + Macau | India | Indonesia | Japan | Jordan | Kuwait | Malaysia | Oman | Philippines | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | South Korea | Taiwan | Thailand | United Arab Emirates | Vietnam

Argentina | Brasil | | Chile | Mexico| Venezuela

Alberta | British Columbia | Manitoba | New Brunswick | Newfoundland & Labrador | Nova Scotia | Ontario | Prince Edward Island | Quebec | Saskatchewan
Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Puerto Rico | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah| Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Algeria | Botswana | Egypt | Lesotho | Libya | Morocco | Namibia | South Africa | Swaziland | Tunisia

Australia | New Zealand

Albania | Andorra | Austria | Belarus | Belgium | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | Georgia  | Gibraltar | Greece | Hungary | Ireland | Latvia | Liechtenstein | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Macedonia | Malta | Moldova | Monaco | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | San Marino | Serbia & Montenegro | Slovakia | Slovenia | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | Ukraine | Vatican City

Alsace | Aquitaine | Auvergne | Bretagne | Bourgogne | Centre | Champagne-Ardenne | Corsica | Franche-Comté | Langedoc-Roussillon | Limousin | Lorraine | Midi-Pyrénées | Normandie | Nord-Pas-de-Calais | Paris-Ile-de-France/Picardie | Pays-de-la-Loire | Poitou-Charentes | Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur | Rhône-Alpes

Baden-Württemberg | Bayern | Berlin/Brandenburg | Hessen | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern | Niedersachsen/Bremen | Nordrhein-Westfalen | Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland | Sachsen | Sachsen-Anhalt | Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg | Thüringen
Abruzzo | Basilicata | Calabria | Campania | Emilia-Romagna | Friuli-Venezia Giulia | Lazio | Liguria | Lombardia | Marche | Molise | Piemonte | Puglia | Sardegna | Sicilia | Toscana | Trentino-Alto Adige | Umbria | Valle d'Aosta | Veneto

Andalucía | Aragón | Asturias | Islas Canarias | Cantabria | Castilla y Léon | Castilla la Mancha | Catalunya | Ceuta | Communidad Valénciana | Extremadura | Galicia | Islas Baleares | La Rioja | Madrid | Melilla | Murcia | Navarre | País Vasco
England | Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales   




  1. Thanks fella!

    Finally have Ovi maps on my Vivaz! If you're ever in london i'll grab you a beer

  2. thank you... it works like a breeze!!

  3. how to change the language

  4. Works great, was looking for it for some time.

  5. works like a dream, thanks

  6. Hi, comment peut-on avoir plus d'adresse dans la base car lorsque je cherche une adresse, il ne trouve que les plus connue.


  7. thanks for the info the maps installed fine on my vivaz but the sat nav isnt picking up any signal? any help please.

  8. same here... i installed it as u explained .. but wen i search for any place .. theres no result.. wat will b d prob? thanks in advance.!

  9. you have to be online for the search to work.

  10. 10x man it works, use nokia map loader for maps

  11. how do i activate navigation for free

  12. The map loader says that the phone has an error retrieving the catalog from the PHONE CARD.... Any advice? Otherwise, fantastic blog! Thanks

  13. can u also post download link for voice navigation and how to install it?
    if i donwload it directly from the phone, how big is the filesize?mobile speed is rather slow here so i would rather download from PC if possible..
    thanks :)

  14. just jumping in my car to try it out.
    Thanks a million

  15. If you are havin problems with the maps and voices, just copy "cities", the whole carpet from another S60v5 (wich has already Ovi maps and voices), like 5800 or even S60v3, I took it from my N95 8GB, it was copy-paste, and my Satio has the maps, they work good

  16. Brilliant. All worked a treat as per your instructions. Genius!! Don't suppose you know how to use the remote drives option in the connectivity menu. can it be used to access shares on my local network. Sony Ericsson are not very forthcoming with my support request on this issue

  17. hello,

    Could you uploaded the map (Africa) "Reunion Island" ??


  18. renuion island map is not available. here is the list of countries not supported by ovi maps

  19. hey! thanks for the post it really did help!
    but i had a question..(i already installed it successfully) when i open the ovi maps, i find the phone asking me to turn the bluetooth on! and if i didnt, the whole program closes? does it have to do with the a-gps thing? what should i do to use the maps!


  20. Commentaire mettre cartes ovi en français merci

  21. hello please help me as i open my map, it comes out of ovi map and i have to open it again

  22. Ci ho provato, ci ho riuscito. Ma se il blog fosse anche in italiano, sai che successo?
    Thanks from Sicily

  23. Hello.
    I want to have only 2-3 country of Europe installed on my Vivaz. How do I merge the downloaded folders into one folder? When copying folder from country1 to the phone, it´s okay. Then, copying folder from country2 is problematic as it says that these folders are already existing on my phone...
    I do not want to install complete Europe.
    Please help

  24. I am getting an error 'Contact Supplier:Certificate Error'. Please help me what to do now.

  25. thank you!
    great job!
    it is working without problems!

  26. can you install ovi nokia map on SE Vivaz?
    if you can please email:
    (without hacking certificate or phone)

  27. thanx a lot.great job!

  28. On SATIO everything working,if you wanna use real time navigation then it cost 9,99 euros/year,big thanks,great job.

  29. i'm happy i found the problem for certificat error on my vivaz, the problem as the Admin sayed: i signed first the ovi map,then i saved it, i reopened the Sistool and and signed the license manager without deleting the first signed nokia maps, sign the license manger and Package in the right corner of License manager after you add the profile you will see the value 1, you should have Nokia map value 1 and License manager value 1.Succes, save the signed file and then install on memory card,then open the ovi map it will do something,after that exit,locate the folder called Cities,than copy the content of map downloade from above(country,the folders with 0,a,b, etc. over the original). It's done, sorry for my english.

  30. I forget to tell you after you sign and save the ovi maps, open the Sis(sign program)and open file choose the earlier saved sis with the map signed and then sign the license manager.

  31. works perfectly! thanks a lot!

  32. Ok... My two cents:

    I installed on my Satio. I had no programs installing it, and I've added maps for Sweden.

    Here's what's not working, though:

    If I try to go online, it hangs and quits. And after that, I need to reinstall to even get in again.

    I can't search for a street address. If I put any street name in the search, it won't find it. Again, this is done in offline mode with the map package I downloaded...

    I can, however, search for a restaurant name or car dealership name.

    So... And ideas?

  33. Hi!
    I've exactly the same problems like Samuel on my Vivaz Pro.

    I cannot go online, if i try i've to reinstall... And i cannot find streets, only points of interest.

    I've no solution atm.

    Best regards,

  34. First Problem Solution

    If you cannot find streets with ovi maps, thats because you need an aditional index for every map!!! The downloader loads it automaticlly but if you want to use the other way go to:
    and install the files to cities\diskcache\ClientIndex

  35. hi

    Only i have a question, if i want to have 2 maps of different places, how can i do it?
    for example i want to have the maps of Mexico and London


    it´s an excelente blog

  36. did everything as written, but my Vivaz still says "error certificate", sadly: (( I am from Russia, hi all from the Far East

  37. Hi, i have installed OVI Maps on my Vivaz. But after i configure it to go online, then it keeps on exiting the application and i have to reinstall and set it to offline mode to get it to work. But under offline mode it doesnt search anything.

    Any help would be appreciated

  38. hi..
    i successfully installed on my satio..
    but as others, just can use offline..
    when turn online it hang and close the software..
    need to online via wifi..pls help

  39. can u help me,
    it keep to crush every time i open it,

  40. when i open the application (after downloading the maps)..application opens for 4 seconds and is closed by itself...any idea why???...plzz help :)

  41. incase anybody has a problem that the application crashes after a few seconds...then try deleting the app. and reinstall it.

  42. hi, amazing, thanks.

    Just a question...any way to get the "own voice: app for this on my vivaz too?

  43. thanks! worked!

  44. I only pick up GPS signal not map at all

  45. Thanks..excellent work.

    Finally put it on VivazPro however, question is what might the quicker way to 'merge' two different region of maps. Too many folders to deal with.

    Shared...noticed if the app close itself in seconds, it likely exposed to internet, so reinstall might help..for failing cert, I sign it via the provided tool, then sign it again outside the tool but with same cert/key that I have for my cell, it works...not sure why anyway.

  46. como puedo poner la voz? cuando abro el programa en el pc me sale solo para descargarme los mapas, no me sale nada en la configuracion, ni en vozes ni nada...ayudame pls

  47. when i start the app closed again my mobile vivaz pro

  48. Can u upload pakistan map for this application?

  49. God tnx for made this man!

  50. When I run Map Loader it just stays on "waiting for the phone" phase I tried connecting different USB, tried PC Suite, Mass storage, Multimedia transfer, still nothing

  51. hi there i've had maps for over a year now on my vivaz pro but the loader 3.0 doesnt download anything new. i downloaded maps from july 2011 and i tried different ways of adding it on to the card, browsed different forums to get other ideas, but when i add them to the phone the application crashes when i want to start navigating

  52. Hy all. If you want to succeed with offline search, in the search box write street name, city name and country name. that worked for me (SE vivaz pro)

  53. hey, i can't download the ovi map files for india, seems the link is broken. please help


  55. OVI Maps version 3.03 moded for vivaz...

    if found 'Certificate error' then hack your phone first using this method...

  56. Looking for the maps of Europe to download, for my old phone. Official sites of Nokia maps and Ovi don't work anymore, only Here We Go, but it doesn't fit. Looks like the links posted here are dead already. If anyone could help with these - please post the archives again. At least, the map of Ukraine, please.