Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change the fonts of opera mobile

Now you can use your favorite font to display web pages in opera mobile. if you need to browse web pages which uses your regional language font you can do it now also using this tip or trick.

These are the steps:

1) Get the font file you want to use.

2) Make three copies of the font.

3) Now rename these three font files to DroidSans.ttf, DroidSans-Bold.ttf, and DroidSansMono.ttf

4) Now connect your phone to the computer using mass storage mode.

5) Go to E:/System/Apps/Opera Mobile/fonts folder

6) Copy the three font files you have renamed to this folder. and you are done.

7) If you require to change the font of the opera mobile app system font you have to rename the required font file to DroidSansFallback.ttf and copy it to the following folder E:/System/Apps/Opera Mobile/fonts2 and you are done.


  1. regional language fonts are fixed in Opera mobile 10.1 beta ..

    your blog is awsome, thanks for any post :)

  2. Two files named DroidSans.ttf?

  3. thanks joaquinx did not notice this.. post updated

  4. This is great, thank you!

    You should also write about SlideIT, which is an application that replaces the keyboard of the Vivaz with a slide-technology keyboard. Not much into it, but it has other advantages that I found: 1. when you turn the phone, the keyboard changes the layout portrait/landscape, which was missing on SE S60. 2. It adds a dictionary when typing in keyboard mode, which is also missing (Nokia has it and it's great, we only have the T9 when using the numeric layout) so now you will have auto correction and auto completion when you type. 3. you can add a writing language to the phone without changing the firmware. I guess this is one of the more important reasons that people need their own regional firmware, but here it is solved. Hope it helps :-) (BTW, it is paid on Ovi store at EUR 3, but you can find for free...)

  5. is opera mini and opera mobile the same?

  6. no opera mobile is much more better than opera mini

  7. great job..thank you :)