Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nokia OVI Voice files

Extract contents of zip file(s) to cities\diskcache\voices
Select suitable voice inside program settings too, of course
Afrikaans (female)
Arabic (female)
Basque (female)
bulgarian (female)
cantonese (female)
catalan (female)
Czech (female)
Danish (female)
dutch (female)
 English (female)
English (male)
English (male US)
Estonian (female)
Farsi (female)
Finnish (female)
Finnish (male)
French (female)
French (canada; female)
French (male)
Galician (female)
German (female) 
German (male)
Greek (female)
Hindi (female)
Hungarian (female)
Indonesian (male)
Italian (female) 
Korean (female)
latvian (female)
Lithuanian (female)
 malay (female)
chinese mandarin (female)
Taiwanese chinese (female) 
Norwegian (female)
Polish (female)
Brazillian (famale)
portuguese (female)
romanian (female)
russian (female)
slovak (female)
slovenian (female)
spanish (female) 
mexican (male)
swedish (female)
tamil (male)
thai (male)
turkish (female)
urdu (female)

If the voice is not working check the following:

First check to ensure that you have a voice selected. To do this, when in Maps, click on Spanner>Navigation>Drive Guidance. You will now see a list of voices. The ones with a little phone icon to the left are the ones already installed on your phone. Make sure you have one of them selected. Note there is a different voice setting for drive and walk.

Second thing to check is the navigation volume. After you start navigation, use the the volume up toggle.


  1. these are the updated voice files. have updated the map files also..

  2. I use Sygic Mobile Maps ;)

  3. many thanks but still have problem in installation after signing with the way you said i get the error: "certificate error:contact supplier"

  4. Man, your blog is awesome, is just what i was looking for. i just bought this phone n was a bit afraid of not find proper support, because most symbians are nokia. but you are doing a fine job n your blog is already in my bookmarks!
    Thanks a lot!

  5. LOL, In Mexico we speak spanish, not "mexican" lol

    anyway, the mexican spanish is not the same as the spanish from spain

    BTW, I have downloaded the maps and voices from nokia maps loader with my N95 8GB, then copy-paste to the Satio's memory card.

  6. if you have map loader you can directly connect your vivaz / satio in mass memory mode and use with nokia map loader. not required to copy from 95 etc.