Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Info

Quick Info displays information about your phone,

Network name
Network Signal Strength
Network State
Cell ID
Cell LAC (Location Area Code)
Battery Charge Level
Phone Model
Phone Manufacturer
Phone Product Type
Firmware Version
Platform Version
Phone Machine ID
Display Resolution
Light Timeout
Screen Saver Timeout
Auto Lock Status
Auto Lock Time
Key Guard Time
WLan Mac Address
BlueTooth Status
Infrared Status
List of All Active Connections
List of all Phone Features (Camera, FM Radio, etc.)
List Of all Installed Applications

Download the Widget from HERE
Credit goes to SEMPITERNAL from PF


  1. How do I install this widget?
    I tried copying it to my installs folder on my vivaz and the vivaz does not show it in that folder...

    Thank you.

  2. 1. copy it into the memory card> installs
    2. on your vivaz run files manager (menu-organiser)
    3. go to folder installs on memory card
    4. run QuickInfo.wgz and install it

    it's all what you have to do, man ;)