Sunday, August 22, 2010

Isms (features :Threaded sms, fake sms ,scheduled sms)

Isms is an threaded sms app. it will show you messages in threaded sms style. it integrates to your system all you have to do is to set the App to auto start in settings. plus you can send fake sms and schedule send your sms.

Download The App From Here

Installation instructions.
1) Download the file

2) Sign the app using extsis.exe as shown in previous posts

3) Install In the phone


  1. It doesn't show all msg's for long conversations. And you can't delete msgs from within this. I prefer the inbuilt conversations app coz of that.

  2. dude..can this phone crack application from android..somehow maybe..
    thanks anyway

  3. Been using the app for a while now. There's a setting for showing all messages or limiting by date/number of messages.
    You can delete/forward messages, by a prolonged touch on the message which pops a context menu.
    And this is faster than the inbuilt conversation app.
    So this is quite a good app. Except for the occasional crash.

    And @Anonymous, that'll never happen.