Sunday, August 15, 2010

TTPod English Translated v3.7

TTPod ia an alternative music player for symbian s60v5 devices. This application has been successfully translated to english. you can install many skins too.

Installation instructions:

1) Download the app from HERE

2) Sign the app using extsis.exe like have done in previous posts. Note you have to sign patch4run first then ttpod.

3) Now install in the phone memory card.

4) It will ask whether to use patch4run or without patch4run. uncheck without patch4run option.

5) Now the application gets installed

6) Now when you start the app it will ask whether to scan for songs. then select no ( otherwise it will scan the whole memory card for any type of audio and automatically add them)

7) To add your mp3 go to songs, select scan, then scan file and folder, go to e:\ memory card, then select sounds (dont open the sounds folder just keep the sound folder highlighted select mark, then select ok). now all your songs will get added.


  1. Hi there,

    is there an Equalizer in that app?

  2. yes there is an equilizer, bass booster and stereo widening

  3. Hi there,
    I want to ask something,
    I have followed your steps, but after I select memory card, it says "Built-in component, con not install"
    or I have done something wrong?


  4. uninstall the program including patch4run and then try again. remember to remove the tick for without patch4run option

  5. this is a bloody awesome app,
    first I wanted to delete it, but now I get the idea...

  6. does it support dat or avi files?

  7. TTPod,having amazing sound settings,, but unfortunately equaliser and other sound enhancing features are not functioning.

    Please provide me a solution.


  8. I signed it, but i couldnt install it ! I ticked patch4run, and unticked without patch4run . After the ticking, thrs a pop out popping out saying that "contact supplier" . Anyways for me to install it ? My phone is Vivaz

  9. Equalizer not function....can anyone tell me why??

  10. Where do I get patch4run?

  11. I get the same problem as this dude

  12. the patch4run is built in the application it comes as an option when installing.

  13. hi.. is there any app to play the .avi files in Vivaz..