Monday, August 2, 2010

Resco Photo Viewer

A Mobile Photo Album

Use to view, organize and share your images and to give attractive presentations.
So much better than the built-in viewer...

Excellent Viewer

  • Many image formats
  • Speed, speed, speed everywhere: Images, thumbnails, navigation...
  • Do you have thousands of images? No problem.
  • Comfortable viewer with zoom, pan and color adjustment

Nice Presentations

  • Slideshow with attractive effects
  • Customized slideshows (presentations)
  • Slideshow music

Image management

  • True image manager with folder manipulation. Do you have a large card?
  • True image editing (crop, resize, rotate, colors). Need to send a smaller image?

And many Extras

  • GIF animations
  • Faxes
  • Make use of the image GPS information
  • Read image Exif data (camera settings...)
  • Assign image to contact
  • Set image as wallpaper
  • Send using MMS, e-mail, BT, IR

Download From HERE
you require to sign the app before installing..
Register using the following code: 00000 (that is five zero's)


  1. great blog.
    Even though sony ericsson released s60 based phones, there is very less user community which develops stuff.
    So ,you are doing an amazing job for us,where we feel stranded inside nokia community.

  2. Do we need to sign this?
    Its giving some error and not installing.
    Says "can't install trusted application from untrusted source" or something like that.

  3. could not install a protected application from untrusted source error.

  4. please try signing the app again. i am unable to check it in my phone because it was in the service center and they finally replaced my phone with a new one after a wait of three weeks. now have to apply a new certificate and then try. till then cant help you.

  5. great post ! ur doing a great job for se vivaz user. But i still hope u post something regarding video player that can play almost all format in se vivaz. (not by convert the format in computer)

    Also, i recommended you type a post about this TTpod application. Its for music player n can support lyric and have many other gr8 features

  6. great site and many great app's filling a much needed gap.

  7. @rezza: install divx for s60v3 + virtual key

  8. Thank you very much! This app is great. You are doing a great job!!!!


  9. How do you sign the application?

  10. Hi, i cant sign the app through, please can someone help! how can i sign the app? thanks