Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Main Features:
1 process management: a quick end to see the running of the process, show hidden process;
2 Program management: more easily manage to install the program, easy to uninstall;
3 garbage: to help you remove junk files in your phone, save more space;
4 phone information: to view thephone hardware and software, so that you better understand your mobile phone.

Download the app from HERE


  1. will it fix problem, when phone memory gets smaller every day?

  2. I downloaded and used this the other day. Works GREAT!! I was pretty impressed how much it cleaned my super small Vivaz C drive.. However, it didn't look exactly like your screen shots. It was mostly all in an asian language, and there was no pretty little icon for this app. =( Do I have to open it up with extsis and edit it??

  3. yeah lil miss trouble said write it looks like sum square boxes

  4. its not work to me at all , its say that i dont have sertificate