Wednesday, December 21, 2011



1. Punctual timekeeping: the whole point timekeeping time

2 up alarm clock: Punctuality callyou up every day 

3 Day: wedding, graduation anniversary 

4 Birthday Reminder: note the closest person's birthday 

5 Regular greeting: Do not forget to call home 

6 off the credit cards: Be carefullate fees. Credit 

7 Bank loan: not easy to house slaves 

8 important meetings: a rare open fly will 

9. Hydropower property management: stay away from water power 

10 rental housing: landlord happy, very serious consequences 

11 countdown: the countdown to set an arbitrary length 

12. Steal food to remind: to stealfood to the farm 

13 Friends Dating: Dating. Party is no longer late 

14 to take medicine: sick to knowthe importance of healthy, betterhurry up 

15 Shift Clock: to three shifts. N shifts of people with 

16 custom alarm clock: DIY any alarm clock .

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