Tuesday, December 20, 2011

uc browser 8.1

1. Sliding screen efficiency and ghosting occurred or whether the page is blank.
2. The test shots
3. The system comes with third-party fonts and font test.
4. Category Search.
5. Calling UC media player.

New features:
1. Sliding screen optimization! Sliding screen fluency improved more than doubled!
2. Hot video online play! Support video call UC video player page, fresh and hot video that is broadcast! (Need video with UC in the annex)
3. Screenshot feature debut! Use UC screenshot easily and quickly, without having to switch programs, moments captured immediately.

Function optimization:
1. Category Search visually accurate, professional category for you to provide themost accurate search service, presented most of the flavor of search results.
2. Sharing page optimization, fresh and friendly interface,buttons, more user-friendly distribution, operation simple and intuitive, real-time delivery to help you share the fun.
3. Touch-screen machines bookmark function optimization history, address baron the left to add a bookmark logo, click-to enter, add bookmarks, navigate more directly.
4. Touch-screen machine sliding screen experience optimization, more efficient processing mechanism, to down screen faster, smoother more.

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