Wednesday, December 21, 2011

mbuntu v1.0

Easiest way to own a ubuntu desktop in your cell phone!!! All items in your phone were integrated to one button and classified as the way ubuntu does. Also a sweeeeet launcher with very pretty and friendly user interface. The common items display on home screen directly, it is smooth to access each app. 


1. Convenient ubuntu style. 
2. Easy to operate, friendly to use; 
3. Run smooth and quickly; 
4. Will not delay your system performance.

Download From HERE


  1. any details on how to install it saroj.. ??

  2. @arvindchakrapal: it's a simply app in a .sis file so you install it like others...if You launch it, you'll see the desktop as image above, with shorcut and menu Start/Application pc-like. But it's only a simple app.