Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grooveshark v1.00

Play Any Song Instantly:
· Find bands you already love and listen instantly—from individual songs to entire albums. Keep your friends close, and your favorite music closer.

Make & Save Playlists:
· Create playlists on-the-go and access them anywhere later. On your phone, computer, or friends' place, your music is synced over the cloud.

· Can't think of what to play next? Grooveshark makes radio stations based on tunes you already love. On the road, at the gym, in your ears.

Listen Offline:
· Pick your favorite songs and offline them on your phone; they'll be available even if your coverage falters. Grooveshark Mobile lets you listen on-demand, anywhere you go.

· With Grooveshark on your phone, you've got the world's music library everywhere your phone can go.

Downloadd the APP from HERE

1 comment:

  1. why when i using grooveshark hear songs, when i lock screen or hide program , it keep on continuotly hang for awhile ,can u hlp me solve this prolem?